You are Invited to SEPPIC’s Beauty Party!

April 7, 2023

Seppic is happy to be exhibiting its NEW INGREDIENTS and latest and most innovative formulations at NYSCC Supplier’s Day 2023 in New York. Meet us at booth #843 and be part of the new experience!


SEPILIFE™G305 The world leader in cosmetic rheology modifiers. Seppic continues to innovate creating eco-designed products that are ever more respectful of the planet by launching Sepilife™ G305, a more natural version of its iconic polymer, Sepigel 305™.

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL Confirming its expertise in creating soothing active ingredients, Seppic completes its range with an ingredient dedicated to holistic beauty: SEPIBLISS™ FEEL.

NEW PROTOTYPE KITS: Beauty Party & Insta Ready

Beauty Party Kit: Put the beauty on! Let’s mix music and cosmetics. This kit is inspired by six musical trends - classical, rock, reggae, reggaeton, electro pop, and rap and presented as a music festival!

Consumers are looking for well-being and also for opportunities to share with others. And what better way to get together than with music? Just as music is born from the art of combining notes, cosmetics combine formulation knowledge while appealing to the senses and emotions. Through its BEAUTY PARTY KIT collection, Seppic is inspired by this universal art and combines creativity and technicality to offer always more sensorial cosmetics.

Insta Ready: Six brand new prototypes with bright and attractive colors that present innovative and unique textures whose essence can be captured with a simple photo or video.

Since the launch of social media platforms, brands and products alike have had the ability to BOOM! Whether its snail mucin products, whipped cream, melting balms or just beautiful appealing textures, platforms like Instagram have allowed brands and companies to gain exposure like never before - and that is why Seppic created its inspirational INSTA READY KIT.


Texture Wall

Our texture wall has been carefully designed by the Seppic team to bring you the most innovative and unique ingredients and textures. The hand picked prototypes are here to inspire you on your next formulations!


This year, we wanted to make the experience for our customers even more immersive by showcasing live formulation demonstrations from our experts. Come discover our texture wall and get inspired for your future creations!

2023 session: "How to formulate high oil-load (above 60%) O/W emulsions with Fluidifeel Easy”?

Set a reminder to stop by our booth!

Schedule of the live formulation demos

Day 1, Tuesday 05/02/2023:

Session 1: 10:00am

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Session 2: 2:00pm

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Day 2, Wednesday 05/03/2023:

Session 1: 10:00am

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Session 2: 2:00pm

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See you in New York City!

Can’t attend? Let us know if you would like to receive information on the chat!

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